PT® Alpine® Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide is speciallyformulated to incorporate easily into your line of service, thisefficient, premixed, ready-to-use broadcast spray is now labeledfor direct use on mattresses and in suspected areas of infestation.It kills all stages of bed bugs fast, even pyrethroid-resistant bedbugs. Pressurized technology makes application easy with a lightspray that dries quickly, allowing rapid reentry, unlike dilutableapplications. With its ease of use and knockdown in as few as 30minutes, PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide is theideal product for clean outs.

Benefits of PT® Alpine® Flea & Bed Bug PressurizedInsecticide

* Broad label: One complete solution-in-a-can treats the wholeroom, including mattresses.

* Premixed convenience: Pressurized technology applies quicklyand easily, so you can get your bed bug business up and runningfast.

* Kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs: Three active ingredientsdeliver superior results on bed bug adults and nymphs whileinhibiting egg hatch


Size 20 oz CAN
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer BASF PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 499-540
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran - .25% Pyriproxyfen - .10% Prallethrin - .05%
Label bsf59017861_alpine_flea_and_bedbug_label_06172019.pdf
SDS bsf59017861_alpine_flea_and_bedbug_sds_06172019.pdf
Chemical Classes Nicotinoid Insect Growth Regulator
Target Pests Fleas - Adult Fleas Immature Fleas Bedbugs
Use Apartments, Commercial Structures, Homes, Hotels, Kennels, Motels and Veterinary Clinics
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Pet Safe Yes; when used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product
Coverage Area Will treat up to 2,625 sq. ft.

How Alpine Flea Insecticide Works

PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol previously known as Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Aerosol has the combined convenience of adulticide and insect growth regulator in one product for complete flea control.  The active ingredient dinotefuran is a newer active ingredient in the class of insecticides called neonicotinoids, disrupting the insects’ nervous system and causing paralysis and death. Products with dinotefuran, such as the PT Alpine line, are granted an official “Reduced Risk” status by the EPA.  The dinotefuran provides up to 30 days of control for adult fleas, and the insect growth regulator inhibits the development of younger stages of fleas for up to 7 months.

While the insect growth regulator in Alpine Flea Insecticide will continue to work for up to 7 months, it is recommended to re-apply Alpine Flea Insecticide after 14 days if new fleas continue to emerge.  This will increase knock-down of new adults.  Preparations and cleaning such as vacuuming thoroughly before and after treatments will also greatly affect the success of Alpine Flea Insecticide.  See below for complete treatment instructions.

Alpine Flea Insecticide Target Pests

Flea eggs and larvae, adult fleas

PESTS CONTROLLED WITH ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE: Adult and immature fleas, hatching flea eggs

Target Uses of Alpine Flea Insecticide

For indoor treatment of active flea infestations and to prevent flea infestations from developing, especially in sensitive areas where a Reduced Risk Pesticide is preferred. Prevents re-infestation for 7 months. Alpine Flea Insecticide is also ideal when treatment is limited to a few areas or the convenience of an aerosol ready-to-use product is desired.

PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol Application Instructions

  1. Identify treatment areas: especially those where pets frequent, such as in and around pet's sleeping and resting areas. These are the primary areas where fleas and their eggs are found. (Before treatment, a test application should be made to upholstery, drapery, light-colored, delicate fabrics, or wood surfaces in an inconspicuous place.)
  2. Prepare treatment areas: For best results with Surface/Carpet treatments, vacuum thoroughly before spraying and discard vacuum bag in outside trash. Canister vacuums are also excellent as they can be easily emptied.
  3. Apply treatment. For flea infestations, a single can treats over 2000 square feet. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Hold can at arm’s length and direct spray toward target area, keeping 36” away from the surface being treated. Using a sweeping motion, apply a light uniform spray to furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and around all pet resting areas. Avoid thoroughly wetting surfaces. Mist treated areas only until "slightly damp". Do not over-treat. Reapply in 14 days, if necessary. IMPORTANT: Only complete and proper application to carpets, upholstery, drapes, and other fabrics will provide thorough flea/tick elimination. Keep children and pets out of areas during treatment. Vacate room after treatment, and ventilate until surfaces are dry before reoccupying.
  4. For best results, eliminate fleas on pets with an approved flea product like Petcor Flea Spray or a product recommended by your veterinarian.

Always read the product label completely before use.

Each 20 oz. can of Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Aerosol will treat up to 2,625 square feet.  An area of 80-100 square feet can be treated in approximately 10 seconds. Keep in mind that most infestations will require at least one follow-up treatment after two weeks.

Alpine Flea Insecticide is for use in the following areas:

Apartments, Commercial Structures, Homes, Hotels, Kennels, Motels and Veterinary Clinics


When treating upholstered furniture, treat under cushions and areas where flea development occurs.  Cover aquariums and fish bowls and remove birds prior to treating.  See above for complete application instructions.

Alpine Flea Insecticide is appropriate for carpeting or upholstered areas and for porous flooring such as concrete.  Sealed or stained surfaces such as hardwood floors will be unlikely harborage sites for fleas; these sites should be tested in a small area for staining or discoloration before use.

Fleas may appear for up to two weeks after treatment. This is the pupal window – when younger stages of fleas may still emerge – and the residual activity of Ultracide should kill adults who emerge during this time. Frequent vacuuming (every day or every other day) will also help encourage immature fleas to emerge more quickly while also picking up the organic matter on which larvae feed.


Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Aerosol is not intended for outdoor use.

Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Features

* Convenient ready-to-use formulation has adulticide and insect growth regulator in one product

* No additional equipment needed for mixing or application

* IGR Continues to prevent re-infestation for 7 months

* Certified EPA Reduced Risk pesticide means it’s one of the safest products you can use

* Low odor

Extra Tips for Using Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR

* Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR is NOT labeled for use on animals.  Keep pets out of treatment are until product dries.

* Treat outdoor areas where pets play, rest, or otherwise frequent to prevent re-infestation using appropriate products such as our Indoor/Outdoor Flea Kit.

* Try using a paper towel to mark “hot spots” where pets frequent, and pick up just before you treat the area.

* Wash or dispose of pet bedding before treatment.

* Additional cleaning such as steam cleaning or mopping should be done prior to application of Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR.