The T1 Mouse™ is a pre-baited disposable bait station, whichincludes an acute rodenticide containing the active ingredient,Bromethalin. The station meets the highest level oftamper-resistance, recognized by the EPA.

T1 Mouse™ is your go-to station when you are concerned withsecurity, quality and convenience. It is tamper-resistant to bothkids and dogs, making it an ideal option for residential accountswhere protection of children or non-target animals is a primeconcern.

The disposable T1 Mouse station can be left at a residentialaccount and thrown away once the bait has been consumedAs an acutebait, T1 MOUSE™ with Bromethalin gets exceptional rodent acceptanceand control, and can kill mice in about two days, after consuming atoxic dose. It is Bell's fastest-acting block formulation.

This item is a single disposable bait station in a convenient 4pack.

Size 4 / CTN
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer BELL LABS [view products, website]
EPA# 12455-121
Active Ingredient Bromethalin 0.01%
Label beldm4814_t-1_mouse_prebaited_station_label_06062019.pdf
SDS beldm4814_t-1_mouse_prebaited_station_sds_06062019.pdf
Target Pests House Mice
Use Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors and outdoors.
Application All rodenticide baits should be placed in a Bell Labs tamper-resistant bait station.
Pet Safe Yes, station is tamper resistant to children and pets.
Formulation Professional Product
Not For Sale To


Coverage Area All bait placements must be inside or within 50 feet of buildings.
Yield One time use station - Disposable
Color Black With Clear Lid
Material/Construction Plastic

An acute bait, T1 Mouse™ with Bromethalin gets exceptional rodent acceptance and control, and can kill mice in about two days, after consuming a toxic dose. It is Bell's fastest-acting block formulation. Due to a quick knockdown when compared to anticoagulants, more mice can be controlled with less bait. Technicians save time and money with T1 Mouse.

T1 Mouse™ contains a 1-oz./28g block pre-loaded in each tamper-resistant station. It is available in 1 or 4 pack carton sizes. T1 Mouse™ is labeled for individual sale off the shelf for Do-It-Yourself and branch sales.


This bait station may be used in and around (within 50 feet of) buildings accessible to children and pets, consistent with all use restrictions and other requirements indicated on this label. This is for control only for house mice. T1 Mouse bait stations must be used in and around buildings consistent with all use restrictions and other requirements indicated on this label. Do not place this bait station in any area where there is a possibility of contaminating food or surfaces that come into direct contact with food.


Determine areas where house mice will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these areas are beside burrows, along walls, by gnawed openings, in corners and concealed places.


Place the T1 bait station at highest point of activity beside burrows, along a wall or in corner where mice or their signs have been seen. Additional T1 bait stations should be placed at 8 to 12 feet intervals. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 15 days or until signs of mouse activity cease in infested areas. Replace bait station when bait is consumed or contaminated.

Refer to the Product Label for a complete listing of rodents controlled, application methods and approved application sites.