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Archer® Insect Growth Regulator IGR) controls populations ofmosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks and other pests toprevent them from becoming egg-laying adults both indoors andoutdoors. Archer IGR is formulated to be mixed in with mostinsecticides. Archer IGR does not have the ability to actually killiinsects, but it is intented to control their breeding cycles.

Archer IGR features a unique mode of action that interferes withthe development process of eggs, larvae, pupae or nymphs of manycommon insects and arthropod pests, including those that may beresistant to other insecticides. It provides UV protection informulation to ensure long-lasting flea control in outdoor settingsfor up to 16 weeks. Archer IGR has a low volatility that allows itto be applied indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments(see Product Label) without odor or airborne residue.

Case Qty 8 / CASE
Manufacturer SYNGENTA [view products, website]
EPA# 100-1111
Active Ingredient Pyridine - 1.3%
Label syn73218_archer_igr_label_10012019.pdf
SDS syn73218_archer_igr_sds_10012019.pdf
Target Pests Cockroaches Fleas Ants Litter Beetles Crickets Ticks Flying Insects
Use Commercial and Residential, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Warehouses and others * See label for complete list
Application Photo-stable up to 14 days (Works in Direct Sunlight)
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed on the product label
Formulation Professional Product
Not For Sale To


Yield 8 to 16 gallons of solution

Key Benefits:

* Improves control of pests like fleas and flies by breaking their reproductive cycle

* Improves the performance of other insecticides by disrupting the reproductive cycle, thus reducing pest pressure

* Photostability provides long residual to better control populations of fleas, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and other nuisance pests

* Unique action against arthropods and compatibility with other insecticides makes Archer IGR an ideal as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.

* Archer IGR uniques mode of action disrupts the life cycle of ants, fleas, flies, ticks, cockroaches, mosquitoes and beetles for effective population control.

* Low hazard, only carries a “caution” warning from the EPA.

* Non-volatile and remains stable in sunlight.

* Effective when used in combination with insecticides. Refer to the Product Label of the insecticide you plan on adding Archer IGR into.

* Does not cause stain or odor when used as directed.

* Retains activity against pre-adult fleas for up to 7 months, and against pre-adult cockroaches for up to 6 months.

How to Mix Archer Insecticide

Archer Insect Growth Regulator is intended to be mixed with water and applied with application equipment, such as hand-held, backpack, or power spray equipment.

  1. Fill applicator container 1/2 full with water.
  2. Add the amount of Archer Insect Growth Regulator to container as recommended in the rate table found on the product label.
  3. Shake, stir, or agitate.
  4. Fill applicator tank with water to final volume recommended in rate table.
  5. Shake, stir, or agitate again.
  6. To assure the highest quality control, prepared dilutions should be used within 24 hours and should be shaken, stirred, or agitated again if diluted material is not used for several hours.