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Demand® G insecticide is formulated to set a new standard forgranular pest control. Featuring Active Release technology, DemandG is formulated differently than any other granule to make theactive ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, more readily available to awide variety of targeted pests.

Demand G with Active Release technology harnesses the power oflambda-cyhalothrin in a granular form. In its original state, thegranule is infused with the active ingredient. With the power ofActive Release technology, the active ingredient is quicklyreleased from the granule and onto the surface where the granulewas applied, increasing the area of treated surface. Insects arethen exposed to the active ingredient, resulting in efficientcontrol.

Size 25# BAG
Manufacturer SYNGENTA [view products, website]
EPA# 100-1240
Active Ingredient Lambda-Cyhalothrin - 0.045%
Label syn27632_demand_g_granules_label_10012019.pdf
SDS syn27632_demand_g_granules_sds_10012019.pdf
Target Pests Ants Armyworm Beetle Billbug Centipede Chinch bug, Cockroaches Crickets Cutworm Dung Beetles Earwigs European crane fly Firebrats Fleas Grasshopper Green June beetle Green June beetle (grubs) Hyperodes weevil Japanese beetle (adult), Japanese beetle (grubs) Lawn moths Leafhopper Millipede Mites, Mole cricket Palmetto bugs Pillbug Silverfish Sod webworm, Sowbugs Spider Spider mite Spittlebug Springtails Spruce spider mite Tick Twospotted spider mite Waterbugs
Use Commercial & Residential Outdoors ONLY: Soil, Lawns, Turf-grass & Ornamental Landscaping * See label for complete list
Application 2 - 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (88 - 131 lbs. per acre)
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed on the product label
Formulation Professional Product
Not For Sale To


Key Features

* Engineered with an unique solvent for the optimal release of its active ingredient from the granule

* Is the first granule with the same superior active ingredient as Demand CS insecticide with iCAP™ technology

* Labeled for lawn, landscape and perimeter use to control nearly 30 pests, including several species of ants

Key Benefits

* Advanced formulation technology helps to promote the movement of the active ingredient from the granule, enhancing the insecticide release across a larger treated surface for better performance

* Superior efficacy provides more treatments per package than traditional granules, reducing the number of bags you handle

* Provides powerful protection against a broader range of pests in residential, commercial and institutional environments so you can focus on growing your business

Refer to the Product Label for a complete listing of insects control and application methods