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DEMON PACKET 12 x 4 x 9.5 gm PKTS/CTN



Demon® WP insecticide has been an industry leader to controlpests indoors and outdoors, including clean-out of residential andcommercial non-food handling areas. Its fastacting formulacontinues to work long after the job is done, for powerful resultsthat last.

Demon WP Insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide thatprovides a fast kill and long-lasting residual barrier. It is awettable powder made with the powerful active ingredient,cypermethrin, and comes in packets which dissolve in water. Thepre-measured Demon WP Insecticide packets make the mixing processquick and easy without the mess.

Demon WP insecticide is safe to use indoors and outdoors to controlfor spiders, ants, aphids, chinch bugs, mosquitoes, and more. DemonWP is an excellent product to use when making cracks and creviceapplications indoors or broadcast applications outdoors for up to60 days of control.
Size 12 x 4 x 9.5 gm PKTS / CTN
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer SYNGENTA [view products, website]
EPA# 100-1000
Active Ingredient Cypermethrin 40.0%
Label syn74819_demon_wsp_packets_label_10012019.pdf
SDS syn74819_demon_wsp_packets_sds_10012019.pdf
Chemical Classes Synthetic Pyrethroid
Target Pests Ants Assassin Bugs Bees Boxelder Bugs Carpenter Ants Carpenter Bees Centipedes Chiggers Chinch Bugs Cockroaches Crickets, Earwigs Elm Leaf Beetles Fire Ants Firebrats Fleas Flies, Millipedes Mites Mosquitoes Pillbugs Scorpions Silverfish, Sowbugs Spiders Termites*Above Ground Only Ticks Wasps
Use Commercial and Residential, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Warehouses and others * See label for complete list
Application 1 packet per gallon of water (for 0.1% active ingredient) 2 packets per gallon of water (for 0.2% active ingredient) * See label for complete application instructions
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed on the product label
Formulation Professional Product
Not For Sale To


Yield 1 envelope contains 4 water-soluble packets and makes 2-4 gallons of solution
Special Features Demon WP leaves a white powdery film that is especially noticeable on dark surfaces

The strength of Demon WP lies in its long-lasting residual activity on a variety of different surfaces. Its versatile and easy-to-use formulation provides Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) with a proven, effective solution for pest infestations.

• Low concentration of the active ingredient, cypermethrin, required for control

• Crack-and-crevice or spot treatment approved for both indoor and outdoor use

• Provides control on both penetrable and impenetrable substrates

• Water-soluble packets eliminate measuring and dissolve quickly

• Cost-effective with long-lasting residual activity

• No objectionable odor

• Has shown no sign of permanent staining when tested on a variety of different indoor surfaces

Despite its low use rates, you will see pest knockdown and control in less than one hour. Demon WP is especially efficient for cockroach control, as knockdown occurs even faster in insects that ingest the insecticide while grooming themselves.

While Demon WP is particularly effective against cockroaches and spiders, it is also labeled for the control of 20 other pest species, including ants, centipedes, fleas, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and ticks. Refer to the Product Label for a complete listing of insects controlled.


Indoors: Demon WP should be applied as a crack-and-crevice or spot treatment. Outdoors, Demon WP can be applied as a broadcast treatment by pump-up or power sprayer up to a maximum height of three feet on surfaces of buildings, porches, screens, window frames, eaves, patios and other areas where pests are found. Test a small area first according to label directions to verify that the paint or siding finish will not be affected.

Outdoors: Demon WP can also be used on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs around residential, institutional, public, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings; and parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.

Refer to the Product Label for complete information regarding this product.