CONTRAC SOFT BAIT 16# (726 x 10 gm) PAIL



Contrac® Soft Bait, a single-feed formulation, contains thesecond generation anticoagulant, bromadiolone. It is our mostextensively researched and tested rodenticide which has undergonecomprehensive field testing to ensure its performance in urban,rural, commercial and residential settings.

Contrac® Soft Bait was specially formulated with an optimalblend of saturated and unsaturated fats. This unique, oil-basedformulation coupled with a manufacturing process which ensuresmaximum contact of the sachet to the soft bait, results inincreased bait acceptance.


Size 726 X 10 gm / PAIL
Manufacturer BELL LABS [view products, website]
EPA# 12544-146
Active Ingredient Bromadiolone 0.005%
Label belcs1016_contrac_soft_bait_label_06052019.pdf
SDS belcs1016_contrac_soft_bait_sds_06052019.pdf
Chemical Classes Anticoagulant
Target Pests House Mice Norway Rats Roof Rats
Use Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors and outdoors. Wherever a discrete bait station is needed.
Application All rodenticide baits should be placed in a Bell Labs tamper-resistant bait station.
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed. Follow all label instructions and heed all warnings. For complete protection of non target animals and children, use tamper resistant bait stations.
Yield Each pail contains 726 sachets of 10 grams each
Along with outstanding rodent acceptance and control, Bell’s Contrac® Soft Bait comes with an extensive list of key attributes. The Soft Bait has a unique oil-based formulation with a precise balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. In addition, the manufacturing process ensures maximum contact of the paper sachet to the soft bait—further maximizing bait acceptance. The Soft Bait is also designed to withstand almost any climate. In cold climates, the bait won’t freeze and when temperatures and humidity rise, Contrac® Soft Bait is both mold- and heat-resistant. Contrac® Soft Bait is available in an all-new 16 lb. pail size. This new Soft Bait pail is clearly differentiated from all other Bell Laboratories pails with an orange lid for ease of identification by distributors and PMPs. Contrac® Soft Bait is available in 10g sachets with a minimum mouse placement of 10g and a minimum rat placement of 90g. Contrac® Soft Bait, EPA Registration No. 12455-146. *State registration is still pending in California