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Cyzmic CS provides quick knockdown of insect pests in a powerfulmicro-encapsulated formulation (CapVantage) for long-lastingcontrol and little to no odor. CapVantage Micro Encapsulation meansthat each droplet of insecticide is encased in a protectivemicroscopic capsule, which provides a long residual even in directsunlight. Micro cap also means the product can be more easilypicked up by the tiny hairs on insects and especially flyinginsects. The micro-encapsulation also provides additional benefitsto the applicator, including reduced exposure to the activeingredient. All-around, Cyzmic CS is a longer-lasting, moreeffective product on a wide range of insect pests including bedbugs, ants, mosquitoes, beetles, flies and more. Cyzmic CS can bereapplied at 21-day intervals if necessary.


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Manufacturer CONTROL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 53883-261
Active Ingredient Lambda-Cyhalothrin 9.7%
Label control_solutions_cyzmic_cs_label_050614.pdf
SDS control_solutions_cyzmic_cs_msds_110910.pdf
Chemical Classes Synthetic Pyrethroid
Target Pests Ants Bed Bugs Bees Boxelder Bugs Carpenter Bees Carpet Beetles Centipedes Chiggers Chinch Bugs Cigarette Beetles, Clover Mites Cluster Flies Cockroaches Confused Flour Beetles, Crickets Darkling Beetles Earwigs Elm Leaf Beetles Fire Ants, Firebrats Fleas Flies Grubs Hide Beetles Lesser Grain Borers, Midges Millipedes Mites Mole Crickets Mosquitoes Ants Bed Bugs Bees Boxelder Bugs Carpenter Bees Carpet Beetles, Centipedes Cigarette Beetles Clover Mites Cockroaches Confused Flour Beetles Crickets Earwigs Firebrats Fleas Flies Lesser Grain Borers Litter Beetles Darkling Beetles Hide Beetles,Carrion Beetles Millipedes Mosquitoes Pillbugs Red Flour Beetles Rice Weevils Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles Scorpions, Silverfish Sowbugs Spiders Termites Ticks Wasps
Use Commercial & Residential Indoors & Outdoors: Perimeters of Buildings, Food-Handling Areas, Greenhouses, Kennels, Lawns, Ornamental Trees & Shrubs, Agricultural and Industrial Buildings, Parks, Recreational Areas and Athletic Fields * See label for compl
Application 0.2 - 0.4 oz. per gallon of water * See label for complete application instructions
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product Group 3 Insecticide
Not For Sale To AK, CA, CT, NY
Yield 19 - 39 gallons of finished solution

For use in, on and around buildings and structures for the control of listed pests, including on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs around residential, institutional, public, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings; and parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.


CYZMIC CS is for use as a general surface (nonfood/nonfeed areas), crack and crevice, or spot treatment in, on, and around buildings and structures and their immediate surroundings, and on modes of transportation. Areas of use include, industrial buildings, houses, patios, porches, closets, furniture, apartment buildings, mobile homes, laboratories, buses, greenhouses (non-commercial), stores, factories, warehouses, wineries, vessels, railcars, trucks, trailers, aircraft (cargo and other non-cabin areas only), schools, nursing homes, hospitals, mausoleums, restaurants, hotels, correctional facilities, livestock/poultry housing, pet kennels, food granaries, food grain mills and food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments.

CYZMIC CS provides applicators with many benefits including:

  • Reduced exposure to active ingredient
  • Easy measuring
  • Little to no odor
  • Easy mixing with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers
  • Reduced clogging of spray equipment
  • Can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces with little or no staining