EndZone Insecticide Sticker by FMC is used for the knockdown of thefollowing filth flies: little house flies, house flies, bottleflies, blow flies, phorid flies, flesh flies, fungus gants, andvinegar/fruit flies. There are no vapors or fumes released. Theproduct features a bittering agent to prevent accidental ingestion.Each sticker has a coating that is attractive to listed filthflies. After the flies ingest the coating, they die within 1minute. Stickers can be used near light sources, on windows, andother surfaces where these flies congregate. Stickers can also beadhered to the inside and outside of fly lights or light traps aswell as fly bait stations. This Endzone Insecticide Sticker can beused with a catch basin, just be sure to remove any dead flies on aroutine basis. Be sure to place the stickers in areas where theywill not get wet and keep them dry after application. The use ofone sticker per 1000 cubic feet of space is the recommendation.More stickers are used for heavy infestations. Place one stickerper window for quicker results or in rooms with high infestations.Stickers should be replaced indoors after 7 months and outdoorsafter 4 months or on a as needed basis. Replace stickers more oftenwhen contaminated by filth, dust, dirt, and etc. Keep out of reachof children and pets.
Size 20 / PKG
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer FMC PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 8033-114-279
Active Ingredient Acetamiprid 4.4%
Label fmc_endzone_sticker_label_080213.pdf
SDS fmc_endzone_sticker_sds_052616.pdf
Chemical Classes Nicotinoid
Target Pests Filth Flies House Flies Little House Flies Blow Flies Bottle Flies Fungus Gnats Phorid Flies Fruit Flies Flesh Flies
Use Residential and commercial structures including commercial kitchens. Use indoors and outdoors.
Application Insecticide coated sticker
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed (keep out of reach of pets - not for use on pets).
Formulation Professional Product
Coverage Area The number of stickers to use us based on the size and area where flies are found breeding, resting, and feeding. One sticker per 1000 cubic feet is recommended. Use more stickers per 1000 cubic feet for heavy infestations. Keep stickers dry after applica
Yield 1 sticker per 1000 cubic feet. Use more stickers per 1000 cubic feet for heavy infestations
Color Clear
Material/Construction Plastic
Parts Included 20 stickers per pack
Shelf Life 24 months
Special Features Features bittering agent to discourage accidental ingestion. Features attractive sugar bait matrix to attract adult filth flies. Provides up to 7 month of residual action indoors and up to 4 months of residual action outdoors ( when not contaminated by di
Time To Kill Kill flies in one minute after feeding

EndZone discreetly delivers targeted filth fly control where it is needed most because of the following:

1. The stickers are coated in a sugar bait matrix to attract filth flies

2. Formulated with 4.4% acetamiprid, the same powerful active ingredient found in Transport Mikron insecticide

3. Proven to deliver knockdown of adult filth flies in just one minute

4. Remains effective for up to seven months indoors and up to four months outdoors when protected from rain, moisture, dirt, dust and filth

5. Labeled for house flies, little house flies, blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, phorid flies, fungus gnats and vinegar (fruit) flies

6. Features a bittering agent to discourage accidental ingestion.

7. For best results, use one sticker per 1,000 cubic feet; use additional stickers for heavy infestations