The JT Eaton Little Pete Multiple Catch Mouse Trap - Solid Lid 423is an effective mouse trap that is designed with a galvanized steelconstruction and a sturdy, solid lid. The lid can be opened andclosed, giving an easy access of disposing rodents. The trap is 55percent narrower compared to other traditional mouse traps and itis definitely reusable for excellent efficiency. The Little PeteMultiple Catch Mouse Trap can catch 9 mice at a time. It does notneed any bait due to its safe appearance that will surely invite alot of mice inside. The trap is perfect to place in retail areas,loading docks, warehouses and more. This Little Pete mouse trap isalso available with a Clear Lid.Note: Use JL Eaton 166 Universal GlueBoard Inserts for this mouse trap.
Size 12 / CASE
Manufacturer J.T. EATON [view products, website]
Dimensions 8" x 9" HEIGHT - 4 1/4" WEIGHT - #
Target Pests Mice
Size 8" x 9" HEIGHT - 4 1/4" WEIGHT - #
Use Residential and Commercial areas
Application Add the JT Eaton Universal Glue Board (166) and put in areas of rodent activity.
Material/Construction Galvanized Steel
Special Features Catch 9 Mice at a time
In spite of its 10 3/8" L x 3 9/16" W x 2" H dimensions, the JT Eaton 423 Little Pete Multiple Catch Mouse Trap can hold up to 9 mice at one time. It does not require any bait because the appearance of a safe and secure shelter draws in mice all on its own.