NYGUARD EZ1 8 x 1 oz


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NyGuard EZ1 is the easiest way to mix and use NyGuard IGR. NyGuard
EZ1 comes in pre-measured 1 oz. bottle for easy mixing. Simply mix
1 bottle with 1 gallon of water in a sprayer, and apply according
to label directions to help control the reproductive cycle of
nuisance insects such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and
flies. NyGuard EZ1 is reduced risk and can be used in food and
non-food handling areas such as restaurants and kitchens. NyGuard
is also photostable in sunlight and can be used outdoors to control
fleas in yards.
Size 8 X 1 OZ. BOTTLES / BOX
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer MGK [view products, website]
EPA# 1021-1603
Active Ingredient Pyripoxyfen 10.0%
Label mgk_nyguard_igr_label_050714.pdf
SDS mgk_nyguard_igr_msds_092908.pdf
Chemical Classes Insect Growth Regulator
Target Pests Fleas Cockroaches Flying Insects
Use Commercial & Residential; Indoors & Outdoors * See label for complete list
Application Pre-measured 1 oz. Bottle per gallon of water * See label for complete application instructions
Pet Safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Not For Sale To NY, CT
Coverage Area 1,500 sq. ft.

For use in the home and in food and non-food areas of restaurants, food processing plants, food and non-food warehouses, grocery stores and supermarkets, schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and motels, hospitals, tobacco plants and warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial and industrial buildings, transportation equipment (automobiles, boxcars, buses, boats, trucks, railcars, ship cargo holds), and outside on lawns and building perimeters.

  • NyGuard will inhibit the reinfestation of fleas for up to 7 months after initial application.
  • NyGuard keeps working on cockroaches for up to 6 months after initial application.
  • Can be used outdoors, even in sunlight.
  • Continuous protection against stored product pests for 3 months
  • Reduces egg production in House Flies and prevents development of larvae (maggots) into adults
  • For use in food areas of food handling establishments