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Pro-ControlĀ® Total Release Aerosol Insecticide provides quickknockdown and kill of crawling and flying insects

Use as space treatment in residential, commercial, and USDAfacilities

Convenient, easy-to-use and effective against a wide variety ofpests

Cold sensitive; must be used at room temperature

Shake well before using

USDA approval

Pro-Control Plus Total Release Pressurized Insecticide combinesbotanical pyrethrin with cyfluthrin for quick knockdown with longlasting results

Convenient and easy-to-use and effective against a wide varietyof pests. Pro-Control Plus Total Release is an aerosol fogger,ideal for space treatments in facilities where food handling is nota concern. It is convenient, easy-to-use and effective against awide variety of pests. Once the can is pressed, it totally releasesall active ingredient as a fog. You should not stay in the roomwhile it is releasing unless you have access to a high qualitychemical face mask. You should not return for two hours after thecan is pressed to allow time for the fog to settle.

Size 6 oz CAN
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer BASF PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 499-512
Active Ingredient Pyrethrins 0.5% Cyfluthrin 0.1% Piperonyl Butoxide 1.0%
Label bsf59014071_pro_control_fogger_label_06172019.pdf
SDS bsf59014071_pro_control_fogger_sds_06172019.pdf
Target Pests Roaches Silverfish Fleas Spiders Ants Crickets Houseflies, Ticks Black Carpet Beetles Small Flying Moths Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles Rice Weevils Pillbugs Mosquitos Wasps Hornets Yellow Jackets Gnats Earwigs
Use Apartments, attics, basements, buses, campers, storage areas, houses, kennels, office buildings, non-food/feed areas of commercial buildings, hotels, warehouses, and more * See label for complete list
Application 6 oz. fogs/treats approx. 5,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space (25' x 25' x 8')
Pet Safe Pets should not be allowed in the room while can is activated. After two hours have passed and room is aired out with fan or open windows, pets can return with no problems.
Formulation Professional Product
Pro-Control Plus Total Release kills roaches, silverfish, fleas, spiders, ants, crickets, houseflies, ticks, black carpet beetles, small flying moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, rice weevils, pillbugs, mosquitos, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, gnats and earwigs.