TakeDown soft bait is the first and only bromethalin soft bait forthe professional pest control market. It combines the power of anacute rodenticide with the palatability of soft bait. Effective forheavy infestations, especially those in a commercial setting.Combats anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations.
Size 4# BAG
Case Qty 4 / CASE
Manufacturer LIPHATECH [view products, website]
EPA# 7173-304
Active Ingredient Bromethalin 0.01%
Target Pests House Mice Norway Rats Roof Rats
High acceptance by rodents. Faster results than anticoagulant rodenticides. Unique package design allows aroma to escape, attracting rodents. Maintains palatability and integrity in hot environments. Contains no wax, enhancing its palatability to rats and mice. Available in an 8g pouch. Comes in an easy-to-carry 4 lb. bag with zip top that reopens time after time.