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The QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip contains a triple-actionattractant and a unique active ingredient that kills flies secondsafter they begin to feed. Flies feed low and rest up high. Simplyplace the device 4 ft. or lower or in a bucket for ideal control.The QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip can be used throughout anyoperation (including milking parlors) where flies are aproblem.

The QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strip (QuikStrike) contains aunique sugar-based active ingredient that controls nuisance fliesthrough ingestion.Flies will land on the station and beginexploring the surface. Once the flies locate the sugar, they willbegin feeding. Shortly after feeding, the flies will begin todie.

Size 2 PACK
Case Qty 12 / CASE
Manufacturer WELLMARK [view products]
EPA# 2724-261
Active Ingredient Nithiazine .. 1%
Label zoe25100d_quickstrike_fly_strips_label_10012019.pdf
SDS zoe25100d_quickstrike_fly_strips_sds_10012019.pdf
Chemical Classes Nicotinoid
Target Pests Flies
Use Commercial & Residential Indoors & Outdoors: Apartments, Food Plants, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Warehouses, Golf Courses, Parks, Zoos and others * See label for complete list

1 QuikStrike trap per 100 feet -- For best results, place trap no higher than 3 feet above the ground. Flies feed at 3 feet and lower. Will attract flies from 100 to 300 feet away. You should always apply fly bait products away from where people will be, as this trap does have a foul odor to help attract flies.

Pet Safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product

How do QuikStrike® Strips work?

QuikStrike® Fly Abatement strips contain a unique active ingredient that kills flies in seconds after they begin feeding. The active ingredient is contained in the yellow sugar-based matrix that is coated on a piece of plastic and placed under the grid forming the curved surface. Flies find the coating attractive and begin eating the coating and die quickly after feeding. The vial or ampoule that is part of the product contains the fly attractants and NOT the active ingredient.

How do I activate the QuikStrike® attractant?

Once you have identified a location to put the strip, locate the attractant ampoule on the strip (at one end of the raised curved surface). Simply apply pressure to the ampoule or vial until an audible cracking sound is heard. The attractant will slowly release from the ampoule bringing flies into the area where they will begin feeding on the active ingredient impregnated yellow coating.

What are the benefits of the curved design? How does the design help attract and kill more flies?

Flies prefer to land on curved surfaces. The design takes advantage of this preference, by increasing the attractiveness of the product, resulting in increased fly landings and killing more flies.

When should I replace the QuikStrike® strip with a new one? How many weeks of control do the strips provide?

Replacement timing will vary on the number of flies and weather conditions. QuikStrike® strips can last up to 8 weeks. Flies consume the yellow coating containing the active ingredient so when the yellow is gone, the product will need replacement. Moisture can also affect how long the product is effective. In high humidity or if the product gets wet, the residual efficacy can be reduced. Strips should be protected from moisture and direct sunlight.

always refer to the Product Label for complete use instructions and approved site usage.