SELONTRA SOFT BAIT 8# (182 x 20 gm) PAIL


Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide by BASF is a soft bait rodenticideformulated for rats and mice resistant to anticoagulants. Thishighly palatable soft bait is formulated into a stable soft blockoffering rapid knockdown with visible results within 4-5 days. Withits impressive labor savings and fast colony kill, Selontra® rodentbait delivers real efficiency for your business. It controls entireinfestations in just seven days1, which lowers both your labor andmaterial costs. Its shortened baiting program requires less bait,and the stop-feed action of the active ingredient, cholecalciferol,makes a little go a long way: rodents eat only enough for a lethaldose, leaving more for the rest of the colony. Selontra rodent baitis effective against anticoagulant-resistant rodents, and itdemonstrates proven palatability even when desirable food sourcesare available. And with a durability that holds up in toughconditions, Selontra rodent bait creates less waste, so it takescare of business while making yours more efficient.


Size 8# PAIL
Manufacturer BASF PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 7969-382
Active Ingredient Cholecalciferol 0.075%
Label basf_selontra_soft_bait_label_012418.pdf
SDS basf_selontra_soft_bait_sds_012418.pdf
Target Pests Norway rats Roof rats House mice
Use Tamper Resistant Bait Stations
Formulation Professional Product
Yield 182 - 20 gram sachets
Material/Construction Greenish brown
Shelf Life 1 Year
Selontra rodent bait offers three major advantages to your business: — Fast colony kill: Controls infestations in seven days in U.S. field trials — Efficient use of bait: Allows for shorter baiting programs, less bait to kill populations, and reduced waste — Effective resistance management: Kills anticoagulantresistant rodents Holds up in tough environments — Does not melt in hot, humid temperatures as high as 177˚ F — Does not crumble in temperatures as low as 0˚ F — Demonstrates minimal water uptake in submersion testing — Labeled for additional species, including Cotton rat, Eastern harvest mouse, Golden mouse, Meadow vole, Mexican woodrat, Polynesian rat, Southern plains woodrat, and White-throated woodrat (all states except California)