With the unparalleled efficacy of the TermidorĀ® brand, Termidor80 WG termiticide/insecticide is highly effective in preventingand/or controlling a variety of subterranean termites. Termidor 80WG termiticide/insecticide is formulated as a dry powder containing80% active ingredient and is conveniently packaged in water-solublepackages (paks).

In addition to termite control, Termidor 80 WGtermiticide/insecticide can control other problematic pests (referto the Product Label for full list), including ants, beetles,centipedes, and spiders. Termidor 80 WG effectively prevents and/orcontrols a variety of subterranean termites, including species ofReticulitermes, Zootermopsis, Heterotermes, and Coptotermes andDrywood Termites.

Kills and provides residual control of the following pests: Ants(acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous,pavement, pharaoh, and thief)



Manufacturer BASF PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS [view products, website]
EPA# 7969-209
Active Ingredient Fipronil 80.0%
Label bas59014193_termidor_80wg_label_05172019.pdf
SDS bas59014193_termidor_80wg_sds_05172019.pdf
Target Pests Subterranean arboreal drywood and dampwood termites including species of Reticulitermes Coptotermes Heterotermes nasutitermes, and Zootermopsis.
Use Residential and Commercial StructuresOutdoors Use ONLY
Pet Safe Yes, if followed as directed on label.
Formulation Professional Product

For spraying apply Termidor 80 WG Termiticide/Insecticide with a skid/power sprayer with a hose that has an anti-backflow device or water flow with an air gap to prevent back-siphoning is needed. For injecting treatments, a drill with a masonry bit is needed. A proper tool for trenching is needed to remove and replace the dirt. For rodding, a hammer and rebar for making the holes are needed.

How to Use

Step 1: Remove the Termidor 80 WG packs from the foil package.

Step 2: Fill the spray tank 1/4 to 1/3 of the way with water.

Step 3: Start the pump to begin bypass agitation and place the spray gun in the spray tank to allow circulation through the hose.

Step 4: Drop the correct amount of dissoluble Termidor 80WG packs and the rest of the water into the spray tank to mix the desired amount of diluted solution.

Step 5: Allow the pump to run and circulate through the hose back into the spray tank until all packs in the spray tank have dissolved and the Termidor 80 WG is thoroughly mixed. Apply Termidor 80 WG as needed.

Where to Use

Termidor 80 WG can be applied at pre and post building sites, in crawl spaces, on and under concrete slabs in basements, hollow block foundations or voids, under foundations and slabs, around the soil near shower drain pans or bath traps. It can be applied outdoors on trees, around or injected under pre-existing foundations. Termidor 80 WG should only be used indoors when spraying in structural voids or on attached garage floors.

When to Use

Termidor 80 WG can be applied to preventative or eliminate a termite or insect infestation. Termidor 80 WG can only be re-applied if it is obvious the first application has faded, or there is a clear sign of re-infestation.

Termidor 80 WG Termiticide/Insecticide is safe to use when applied according to the product label. Do not apply Termidor 80 WG near electrical hazards, to houseboats, playground equipment, near pet habitats, or within 60 feet of estuaries.

Before applying Termidor 80 WG, make sure it cannot drain or run off into neighboring areas where children or pets can come in contact. Termidor 80 WG will dissolve faster when mixed with warm/hot water. Also, Termidor 80 WG is a restricted product and sold to licensed pest control providers.

Refer to the Product Label for a complete listing of insects controlled and approved mixing an application methods.